Friday, 30 November 2007

feltilicious part 2

a couple more things by branch. too good to pass up!


loads of sites i come across have giftguides on now and whenever i see something nice on them made of felt it seems to be from branch! branch is all about sustainable living and of course fits right in that category. i love the felt pebbles and i think i'm going to try to make them myself. when i did my felt workshop there was a lady who said she had made felted pebbles using an actual pebble which she cleaned and then covered in wool roving. the rest of the felting process was pretty much as usual: use warm water and a fatty (olive) soap and rub till all the fibers merge.

Sunday, 25 November 2007

fabulous felt pouches

i was hunting the internet for christmas and hanukkah gifts this evening, since i'm always panicking at the last moment and i thought i'd get a head start this year. i decided to start with etsy, because it's a wonderful place for unique presents. anyway, it was there that i came across the seriously cool products by working class heroes. they make pouches made of felt and leather for laptops, ipods, sun glasses and more. and they'll even do custom sleeves if you send them the dimensions of your laptop.

abc buttons

this is one of those ideas i wish i would have thought of myself. so simple, but pure genius at the same time. they are called abc buttons and they come with 9 holes in each button, giving you the possibility to form letters in them! great for kids' clothing, but also to make little statements on your own clothes. each of the 2 buttons per pack is made out of dark brown horn and has a diameter of 0.8" (2 cm), comes with the patented 9 hole pattern, a needle and three colours of thread. it comes with a font too, so it'll be extra easy to find the best way to make the letters you choose. the only problem i can see is that if you want to use them for a shirt or coat you'd have to buy about 3 packs and at €9 that would be a bit expensive. so hopefully they'll come out with some bigger packages too.

clever mugs

strictly speaking this has little to nothing to do with crafts, but i still wanted to share these with you. the tea code mugs have cuffs with a button on them and come in 4 different versions. clever, because the cuff gives the mug a double layer so you don't burn your hands when you hold the mug. and also clever because the button gives you something to tie your tea bag too. great gift option for the sewing entusiast in your circle of friends or family?

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

not your grandmother's sewing machine

if you think about it, sewing machines haven't changed much over the years. they became electric and some have fancy stitches, but the machine itself pretty much stayed the same. the belOga concept (it's hasn't been picked up for production yet) was designed by Kristine Br├╝ckner and takes it a step further. apart from it looking different it comes with a big touch screen and the display lets you preview stiches before the needle hits the fabric. it even automatically conducts the thread through the machine, clever eh? looks like a winner to me!

and we're back in the room

it took me a while, but after a long absense i'm back again! i've not been sitting still, i've been sewing and i've done a felt workshop a couple of weeks ago. i can really recommend making your own felt, it's as much a therapeutic as creative thing to do. in februari there will be a follow up where we'll be making a seamless bag. i'll keep you posted on it. for other people who live in the rotterdam area: you might want to check out atelier het narrenschip yourself. ok, back to the actual post: these poufs by flocks have done the rounds on the blog circuit, but i found them to good to pass up on. they're the brainchild of christien meindertsma and made from hand felted yarn from kyrgyzstan. together with a knitter, spinners and a graphic designer she uses these beautiful yarns to create poufs, knitted rugs and cute cardigans.