Sunday, 25 November 2007

abc buttons

this is one of those ideas i wish i would have thought of myself. so simple, but pure genius at the same time. they are called abc buttons and they come with 9 holes in each button, giving you the possibility to form letters in them! great for kids' clothing, but also to make little statements on your own clothes. each of the 2 buttons per pack is made out of dark brown horn and has a diameter of 0.8" (2 cm), comes with the patented 9 hole pattern, a needle and three colours of thread. it comes with a font too, so it'll be extra easy to find the best way to make the letters you choose. the only problem i can see is that if you want to use them for a shirt or coat you'd have to buy about 3 packs and at €9 that would be a bit expensive. so hopefully they'll come out with some bigger packages too.

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